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My Mission Statement, Values & Code of Conduct

Mission Statement

Throughout each day in my life I strive to make a lasting positive difference in everything that I do primarily through being responsible, creative, understanding, humble, considerate, learning and growing with the imagination and dreams that all things are possible if I set my mind to finding solutions. 


I am accountable, answerable, reliable, dependable, honest and trustworthy. With God on my side I am in control of my life and destiny.

I am supportive and loyal to all the people around me, I assist people in their endeavours. I am a people builder. People find me relaxed, approachable, calm and easy to be with. I always look for the good in everyone I meet.

Love and passion
I experience love anytime; I express love, give love to others and allow myself to receive love. I am always at ease in my relationships.

I am healthy when I acknowledge how wonderful I already feel. I am glowing with health, energy, and vitality.

Intelligence and creativity
I will always use my intelligence and creativity to make the world a better place and to leave a wonderful legacy.

Learning and Growing
My personal growth through learning remains extremely important in my life, creating the backbone of my intelligence and creativity.

Spiritual Fulfilment
My spiritual beliefs remain extremely important in my life, creating the backbone of my inner self.

Sense of Accomplishment
I feel a sense of accomplishment anytime I focus on the value of my life as already created, anytime I set an outcome and make it happen, anytime I learn anything or create value for myself or others.

Respect for Others
I choose to listen to others, to be interested in what they have to say, to learn from them, and to give them feedback that is useful and worthwhile. I induce positive happy states in the people that I meet. I enjoy making people laugh and smile everyday.


I always feel completely happy, joyful and contented and I only attract happy, positive and joyful people. I am glowing with energy and unconditional love.

Self Confidence

I face all situations with total confidence because I have total faith in my God given abilities.

Lucid Dreaming

My dreams are always vivid and memorable. I can create any situation at will in my dreams.

Fantastic Memory

I have a very powerful memory that is constantly improving. I remember everything that happens in my life. I can recall anything at will. I have total confidence in my memory.

My Code of Conduct

  • The present is my point of power, I act now with the vision and purpose to easily create the reality I desire.
  • I am true to myself and I am so strong that nothing can disturb my piece of mind.
  • I talk health, happiness, prosperity to every person I meet.
  • I make all my friends feel that there is something of value in them.
  • I look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true. Optimism is my companion. I am a perpetual optimist.
  • Patience and persistence are my greatest virtues.
  • I think about the best, I work only for the best, and I expect the best.
  • I am just as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.
  • I wear a cheerful expression at all times and give everyone I meet a smile. I induce positive happy states in the people I meet.
  • I will continually expand my knowledge, my skill, and my ability to give more.
  • I am too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit presence of trouble.
  • I pray for guidance and give thanks for my blessings everyday.
  • My mind is the centre of divine operation, and divine operation means expansion into something better than has gone before.
  • I do my best in everything that I do.
  • I behave myself and treat others as I would like to be treated.
  • I am committed to living my life with passion
  • I'm making myself worth more each and every day
  • Am committed to live my life at the highest level.
  • I excel in everything I do.
  • I am healthy and radiant and alive.
  • I have a close supportive relationship with my wife.
  • I handle tasks when they need to be done and love the freedom this gives me.
  • I am ordained to prosper in all things.
  • I feel loved and secure.
  • I will drive a vehicle that is comfortable, reliable, and matches my personality.
  • I have the energy and vitality to achieve my goals and dreams.
  • I expand and grow and develop my talents and interests.
  • I am committed to reading, studying, meditating, acting on and confessing the word of God.
  • I always have an abundance of money to meet all my needs.
  • I see myself as a winner and do the things winners do
  • I love solving difficult challenges
  • I am disciplined... that is why I'm successful
  • My willpower is growing every day
  • Today I am in charge, I choose my thoughts, I choose my attitude, I choose my actions, and through them I choose my destiny.