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How to face life head on

Last updated on February 8, 2021

In this piece I am just going to throw some random ideas about forging ahead when life present itself in any format that it knows best. For those times when you feel your spirit is dampened or simply low. This may help you to lift yourself up and move ahead. Of course there is no defined ingredient to win at all moments in life, kind of one size fits all type of solution. Nevertheless, this might be helpful or you could pass it on to someone else. There are times I wish life had a clear cut manual that one could follow when faced with life’s curve balls. Just a wild thought!!

Life is a mixture

Life is like a mixed pot of experiences. One day it throws you a curve ball, the other day it gives you an open penalty shot. One wise man once shared this with me, ” In life it’s either you are out of a challenge, about to face a challenge or right in the middle of a challenge.” That is life and it’s assorted encounters. In all that, don’t forget to redirect your thoughts to some beautiful moments that life once threw at you, (I will revisit that later).

All the roller coaster of events are meant to test your tenacity, your faith and most importantly, your capacity to endure. Your dreams will be put to test, your energies will be shaken, your vision will be marred and all hopes will be shattered. Despite all these and even worse experiences, one thing to always remind yourself is, that which doesn’t kill you, will make the stronger you at the end of the tunnel.

The challenge is not…

Being knocked down by life, isn’t the challenge, but deciding to remain on the ground. You have to muster (yes muster not master which is an act of assembling) the energy to pull yourself up and face life one more time, over and over again – thus called living. They say never quit, you might succeed with another blow when you feel like giving up the fight. When drowning in life’s sea of encounters deciding to remain on the ground is what makes you to suffocate and lose your life. So the challenge is not drowning either.

The frequency of having to encounter the challenges isn’t the challenge. Countless times will you have to face the tough prowess of life’s claws. Each encounter will be different from the other, life certainly doesn’t prepare you enough to face it’s puzzles as they are thrown in front of you. You will have to figure out the way forward on the go, figuratively they say, “You will have to hit the ground running.” Many are the times you are going to be thinking on your feet. In most of those scenarios it’s not about perfection, but being in motion at least.

What you will need is…

You will need a big enough Why, even if it’s not a big enough one, can you reach for a why at least. You will need a good enough reason to propel you forward. It is your why that gives you energy to forge ahead, wake up from your challenge and face reality. It might be a scenario when you are pursuing some objective, a life milestone or a business venture, reminding yourself why you started all that in the first instance will help you to recharge your focus and your thought process towards being solution oriented instead of lamenting and being motionless.

You will need to make a decision to move ahead and not backwards. “Forward ever, backward never!” sound a motto for some organisations, groups or individuals, borrow the same notion and let it carry you forward. In most scenarios the difference in moving ahead, or being stagnant lies in the power to make a decision. It doesn’t necessarily mean the decision you make is the best winning decision. At least having a decision and following it with an action makes a difference. Remind yourself again, that deciding not to decide and taking an action is also part of a decision. There maybe times when that will be the best. Even when there is physical action to take, making the mental decision to move on is equally a called for decision to execute. Think about it!!

It is all about having mental toughness that will help you to win one more time. Most of life’s battles are fought and won in the mind. Whatever a mind can conceive it’s possible to execute it in the physical and have solutions come to fruition. Put the most powerful computer in the world to use – i.e. your mind. If you put your mind to work, it opens up avenues that will help you find a way where you almost never thought there was one. When you can turn impossible into possible it is first inside your mind. Redirecting your thoughts to times when you won some of life’s challenges gives you a sense of victory and the needed energy to win again. Life’s beautiful moments are our reserves to revisit when our spirits are low so that we can fuel our energies for success.

Your are a winner

Wake up and move ahead, face the day’s challenge, put your mind to work. Be solution oriented rather than investing your energy bisecting the challenge into various layers. You are a winner, if you tell yourself so. None has the power to tell you otherwise. Rise up and shine one more time!!

A winner at heart is relentless and more determined to face life head on. Don’t doubt your potential to face life’s battles and your capacity to win them by reflecting on the times you might have failed to do so. The past should never have the power to dictate your future success. It can only do so if you give it the power to do so, by deciding to focus on the energy draining thinking process. Remind yourself that you are a winner and rise up as a winner to forge ahead.


Indeed life has a fun way of presenting itself to us. Some days are better than others. It is how we choose to interpret life’s events that matters at times. Whether we see a challenge and magnify it at the detriment of robbing us of most of the beautiful memories we cherished before. Those beautiful memories are the fuel that we need to forge ahead. They are never wrong when they say, “count your blessings always.”

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  1. JongabrielJongabriel

    Haha thanks for the article my guy! To be completely honest, I actually found this article really helpful. Life isn’t easy, despite what many people say. But, with enough hard work and dedication, you can and will make it through. I think my favorite concept you brought up is that everyone’s a winner. I think we need to remind ourselves that we’re all winners, despite the troubles we may be facing in our current circumstances. 

    • AttleeAttlee

      Thanks a lot for the feedback, highly appreciated. Indeed everyone is a winner. A constant reminder to ourselves that we can pull through no matter what is what makes a whole lot of a difference.

  2. AlicjaAlicja

    Attlee, this is a great post. I like the balance between being able to acknowledge life not going according to our perfect plan, practice self-compassion, and move forward. I often find it useful in my work too. Thanks again for sharing this!

    • AttleeAttlee

      Thanks Alicja, I do agree with you and especially the idea of being able to practice self-compassion and moving forward. It is important to pick up the lessons from each encounter, it will be a tragedy if we miss the lesson behind every experience wether good or bad. Thus where the power of moving forward lies

  3. VirtueVirtue

    hi there! such an amazing article, its a good thing i came across this beautiful piece through wealthy affiliate, going through this wasn’t a waste of time, thanks for taking time to share this amazing piece about how to face life head on, truly everyone is a winner. i will surely share this.

    • Thank you for the kind words, I am happy to hear that you found the piece worth sharing. True that everyone is a winner, its a matter of choice and that mental adjustment at times.

  4. MaureenMaureen

    Hello there, thank you for this this wonderful piece of information you got here. Life is filled with so many ups and downs and as such we all have to be mindful of what we do in life. We need to face life head on in the right way and as you have written, your words are actually very true and reliable, thank you for your time.

    • AttleeAttlee

      Thank you Maureen for a precise summary of the message here. You have beautifully pointed out the main message behind this piece.  “We have to be mindful of what we do in life.” I Iike that expression, it is out of the conscious appreciation of what we do in life that we can be in control of every encounter. It is important that we are deliberate towards taking ownership of which direction we steer our lives towards. Thank you so much for the message and summary. 

  5. WinceWince

    Hi Attlee, 

    Great article, well written, life can be challenging at times and having the tools to deal with it is great. Its always better to have those skills prior to being it a situation where you need them. Everyone will face the feelings of dampened spirits at some point so being able to get the help is important. As you mentioned being able to redirect your thoughts to past beautiful moments is a great skill and a more common say you also mentioned in your post `what does not kill you makes you stronger. 

    You have also outlined many different ways to get through bad situations, remaining positive and having mental toughness etc all great advice, this post will help many people great advice.

    All the best 


    • AttleeAttlee

      Dear Wince

      I am deeply moved by your comments and really motivated to share more in similar contexts. I am delighted to know that this article could be of help to many people. Thank you so much for the feedback. They say whats get measured improves, your feedback is that measurement that I need to keep pressing on. 

  6. AlexAlex

    I feel your art lie is spot on, life is not easy however in my experience so far dedicated and hard work gives you awards. I am a person who believes that you have to work to get your luck, and you are a very lucky person if everything gets handed to you because one way or another you will face changes that you have never faced before and you must be positive and ever give up. 

    • AttleeAttlee

      Alex you are certainly right there, hard-work yields results. But for the moments things don’t turn out as you expect, you will have to be ready to accept the status quo , push harder or move on. Thanks for the valuable input, you have raised important points worthy noting. 

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