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My Research Statement

As a passionate upcoming researcher in the computing and informatics domain, I find myself with a mandate to fulfil to the entire international community. The mandate which extends my focus not only to the problems around me but to reach far and wide in search for solutions that address to a greater magnitude the challenges and opportunities the global community are to solve and cherish respectively.

I have research interests in the new computing paradigm fields on computing which, I believe have embedded solutions to where the world is peering at. Having had the exposure to interact with the younger generation – “the future”, I found myself obliged to perform my part in contributing notably to the existing board of knowledge. These young generations need not to be starved of the opportunity to build up concepts from the prevailing scientific work, because someone did participate fully in knowledge building.

The desire to enrol for a PhD studies  are embedded in need  to upscale my appreciation of the field of interest and impart confidently the knowledge to the future scholars and research generation up takers.

The long term career goals for my (10, 20, 30 or so) year  visions are marred with the desire to be a renowned researcher in the field of computing Science and informatics and be able to dissect across disciplines, affiliate to one or more of the International research bodies available as a peer research reviewer. 

I am an academia by call; I foresee serving the academia community for a greater part of my career path. There is a lot of potential for technology uptake, development and research ideas around the world, the responsibility to identify and harness such opportunities and precisely update the corporate world, I believe is one of my undoubted responsibilities. Attaining the right skills to tap such potential is key to the economic and technological advancement of a nation. The mandate to bridge the digital gap couldn’t not be left for “well-wishers” alone than the residence of this universe.

For the major reason that I feel, I have a service to deliver to the world through research, I find myself qualified to face the challenge to be considered for such an opportunity. In contributing to the already existing wealth body of research and knowledge, I feel obliged to surpass more than the ordinary and move with the current; hence I am here to serve.