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like climbing a mountain, it may look scarely by merely looking at the summit



Have a reason to wake up each day and face life's many blessings. Be positive and look at the bright side of things.

The mountain peak


White harbor lake



Enjoy Life


Camping before perfect mineral mountain


Kayaking before perfect mineral water


Hiking before perfect mineral road


FAQ about AMG

Who is AMG?

Born as the first born in a family of four, he is an elder brother to 2 sisters and a young brother.  Lost both parents before completing his secondary studies, Attlee grew up under the care of mostly his grandparents in the rural village in Chirumanzu in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe. The life journey to who you see today as Dr. A.M.G has been filled with experiences and shaping from close family members, friends and relatives.

What is your secret?

I have learnt to count my blessings from early on in life. First of all, the gift of life is what I am grateful for. 

What are your plans?

Take life encounters one piece at time and enjoy the process. 

What drives you?

My priorities. An attempt to keep them in check keeps me going.  My Faith, My Family, My Friends and My Colleagues.

Why AMG?

Those are simply the abbreviations of my first, middle and last name - Attlee Munyaradzi Gamundani, I am certainly not competing with Mercedes Benz.  Actually it happens to be my favourite car brand too.


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