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Pause and Be Grateful !!

Be grateful for whatever you have, wherever you are and whoever is in your life right now. During these difficult times of COVID-19 and related challenges, take a moment to just be grateful for the gift of life. Sometimes we overthink some things that we fail to enjoy the little things yet so precious things in our lives.

If you are in a place that has electricity 24/7, be grateful, some are experiencing load shedding day-in, day-out, but that is not stopping them from accomplishing great things in life. They are in fact maximising the pockets of time where they have access. That follows, if you have Internet connectivity too, what are you using it for?

If you are in a place that is having running water 24/7 you are blessed, take a moment to reflect on that, some have to walk miles and miles to find a source of water, some don’t have any running water in their homes anymore. Consider the worst-case scenario, someone is in that situation right now. How blessed are you to be having access to clean running water every day? Just ponder on that for a moment !!

If you can afford a meal or more a day, be appreciative of your status and stop complaining about minor things.  Someone somewhere is praying for just one meal for a week and have no idea what to put on the table for their family tomorrow. Before you throw away any food, think of someone who wish they could have just a piece of what you are about to throw away.

Take time to be grateful for the family you have, the spouse you have, the children you have and everything that you can put your eyes on right now, even as little as a pencil. By having a grateful heart, you are taking the right step in appreciating who you are, where you are and everything you are blessed with. We may never be satisfied with the status quo, but at least consider someone who is struggling to make ends meet. For their sake, just be grateful and learn to live life with a grateful heart.

I just wanted to let you reflect and let you realise, how blessed you are, to be where you are right now, having what you have right now and just being alive right now.

Pause and Be Grateful !!

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